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About Us

Marine Engine Repairs

MALIORAS marine engine repairs is based in Drapetsona and is located next to one of the largest Mediterranean ports, Piraeus.

Its main activity is in the field of shipping, undertaking a wide range of ship repairs while providing high quality services according to our customers’ requirements.

The purpose of the company is to support you with experienced and specialized technical engineers both in Greece and abroad, to provide technical support to propulsion diesel engines, generator diesel engines and auxiliary machinery.

The Company also operates in situ crankshaft grinding on main engines and motors with knob diameter Φ160mm to Φ600mm.

Our technicians are able to help you in 1-3 days with portable equipment to inspect and repair the damage within a very short time for the crankcase to be restored.

We provide continuous updates throughout the repair period and we are committed to find solutions to any problem and keep our customers satisfied.

marine engine repair

Malioras marine engine repairs 

24 hours/365 days

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